For the Love of Literature


Zoey McCarty, Staff Writer

Small but mighty. This accurately defines the newly formed Cypress Lakes High School Book Club. This also describes their fearless leader, Dr. Rebecca Novotny. Her small frame makes her not much larger than the students she cares for, but her big personality makes the library like home.

“I have a passion for sharing books with students and find what they’re really interested. I think the Book Club is a great way to do it and also to bring students together to talk,” Novotny said.

 While current interest in the club is small, Novotny intends to make the club an important and permanent fixture in the library.

“I hope in the future that Book Club members become more involved in help making decisions for the library. Also be ambassadors to let them be able to share new books with students,” Novotny said.

 Being a librarian isn’t just a job for Novotny. She is a lifelong lover of books and allowed her love to guide her into her career.

 “I always liked reading and listening to audiobooks or someone to read to me. That just became something that I wanted to do and I knew wanted to be a librarian. I got to share books like that and being a librarian allow me to do so everyday,” Novotny said.

 Novotny’s warm personality has welcomed students into the library even though she is a new face. It is her desire to see the club takeoff and become a safe space.

“I hope that students see the club as a relaxing organization to come to. They can find books to read and share,” Novotny said.

Furthermore, Novotny doesn’t intend to just have a place for kids to read discuss books. She also intends to stimulate their competitive side with a game called Book Battle.

“It’s a competition that the elementary use as well. It’s a book competition that students read numbers of books. Also on teams to answers questions like jeopardy style when they have to call in a answer. Teams from other schools in a major competition the district level,” said Novotny.

Novotny believes that the book club could become a place for all Spartans, not only the outgoing students.

“[People should join] because it  gives them an opportunity to read more, chat, and find out what books are coming out from their favorite authors. Not a high-risk club and want everyone to come out to enjoy themselves to have fun,” Novotny said.