Decidedly Deceptive


Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

Deception, a show aired by ABC is a crime show but not the typical crime show where the main character just solve cases. There is more than just a simple crime. This show brings out a lot of illusions that live behind the scenes in a crime case. Making all the magic and illusions come out to life.

When I first started watching the first episode, what hooked me the most was the opening scene where Cameron Black, the main protagonist, speaks about deception. He shows that the world has one perspective about it but not a lot of people know the other side. The producers did a really good job in making the magic very vivid to the point where you feel like you’re in the show. Cameron Black is the world’s greatest illusionist. He soon crosses paths with the FBI agent Kay Daniels and her whole team at a crime scene. He slowly begins exploring the scene and finds the problem to be able to get an illusion to be able to solve it. He is willing to use every illusion from the book or even create some new ones just to be able to catch the worst delinquents with magic.

In episode six which is also known as the Black Art episode. The amount of magic and illusions that appear in the episode make it feel like you’re in the studio set filming with them. A lot of vivid imagery comes to play where the magic comes in during a Fashion Week robbery. The amount of detail that he puts in the way he moves objects, find mysterious boxes and even makes objects and people disappear. He does all of this just to be able to find the suspect of the fashion week robbery.

Another reason this show is one of the best crime shows created is because of the likeable main character and his secret twin. Although he is in prison, his magic still works.They will act  a certain way to make the fool out of the delinquent. You can’t forget the spice of humor which adds a very special touch to the show.

In episode seven, To Sacrifice 99 for One. A mysterious lady also known as The Femme Fatale appears and decides to kidnap Black all because of a prestigious diamond that is worth millions. The whole FBI team is on this case they are really worried about him being missing mostly because they may take advantage of his magic. They call in his secret twin brother Jonathan Black, which is in prison to help out with some of the magic and get his brother out. They also called him because he would be able to replace Cameron and make The Femme Fatale believe he had escape and make her believe something that is not true. So she wouldn’t be able to use his magic. Yet they did not know that they were playing with fire.

After all the show is just an illusion of things we actually wished that happened in real life. It hooks you in slowly with all the action and magic that goes on. Although, the show isn’t airing anymore, you can still find it on Amazon Prime for $2.99 and Youtube for $1.99 per episode and on Youtube you may buy the whole season for $19.99. Deception is one of those shows that you will not regret watching it is perfect for all the crime, drama and magic lovers.