Fashion: Something No Teen Can Live Without

Fashion: Something No Teen Can Live Without

Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

Fashion is a type of art that demonstrates who you are without words. When speaking about fashion there are various opinions on what is the best brand for shoes, clothing, etc. Some people like to go trendy while others just go the simplistic route. There is no good or bad choice in fashion because it shows our style in a different way. From homemade fashion clothing to luxurious clothing. Fashion is express very proudly and a special manner.

“My fashion style is simplistic, minimalist. I do not like to try hard,” Alexis Resendez, sophomore, said.

While Jose Angel Rodriguez, sophomore, states, “I feel like my fashion style ranges from aesthetic to current fashion trends.”

Fashion trends are another huge part of fashion. Some trends that are currently popular are coming back to life in 2018 from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Tube tops, denim skirts, mom jeans, high-rise jeans, fanny packs, and those are a few as we go down the list of trends.

“I feel like mom jeans are cute, fanny packs are handy but not cute,” Jael Almaguer, freshman, stated.

Some people think that the trends are dumb and a waste of time. While others think they are catchy, cute and they like to embrace them.

“I feel like their [trends] cringe, but I like the fact that they are taking styles from the past and incorporating it in today’s society,” Resendez said.

There is no type of fashion without a store to shop for clothings and shoes. People really debate on which stores are more efficient, friendly, and have long-lasting material. There are the thrift shoppers then are people that only shop at the luxurious stores.

“I like to wear H&M or something I found thrifted,” Rodriguez said “I like to go for Vans because they match with everything,”

While Almaguer revealed her favorite place to shop “Pacsun because there is a lot of stuff that is trendy, and is really cute,”

In the meantime, Resendez shares her best option to buy shoes “My first stop when I buy shoes is the Adidas store because they are simplistic,”

Fashion is a beautiful way of expressing yourself by just what you wear. The way we view fashion is unique and contrasting from others. A person may perceive their fashion as a way of identity to show the world who they are. And most important, they have to match.

“All I know is, if my shoes don’t match my sandals, I’m not wearing it,” Daisy Perry, senior, said.