Toe-Tapping Trial Run

Toe-Tapping Trial Run

Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

From spanish trap to country rap, when speaking of music there is a broad variety of different rhythms and styles. Everybody’s music taste buds are different. Some people prefer the hard core heavy metal while others prefer soft classical rock and disco music from the 60’s and 70’s. Many people tend to agree that some genres “suck” and are bad for your ears, while many others think the whole opposite.


My personal taste is unique and consists of a variety of styles. It has some pop with the known queen of pop Ariana Grande and a little spice of Shawn Mendes. There are music for every special occasion those days were we need hype music for those lit moments so we listen to Travis Scott, and Drake. Also, for those days were you’re sad and in your feelings and decide it’s okay to blast out The Weeknd through the bluetooth speakers.


Not going to lie there are various types of music I highly dislike. One mainly being country, for some reason it just doesn’t have a beat were I can jam out to it. So, I gave myself the challenge of listening to country music for a whole weekend; maybe at the end of this I had a different opinion about it.


While I do my homework, I tend to listen to music, so before I start I quickly pull up the spotify tab on my laptop. Since, I don’t know any artists that sing country music. I decide to just browsed and instantly I found the Hot Country Playlist and immediately clicked on it. That was when I thought my torment had begun.


“Hangin’ On” by Chris Young was the first song to came on. It started out really calm and later I was jamming to it without even knowing the words. I actually didn’t start off with a bad foot as I thought I had. Song after song they slowly began to get my attention. It was something I wasn’t used too, but every song I listened to convinced me more and more that my perspective over country music was wrong.


One of the songs to this moment I’m still currently jamming out to is “Simple” by Florida Georgia Line. Something about it makes it so catchy. The intro had a very nice beat and the lyrics were another great part about it. Personally, it was very different from the whole Hot Country playlist, but different in a good way.


After all, I judged country music by just views of cowboy boots and patriotic flags. Guess I was wrong this whole time there is an enormous difference between country and what I’m used to listening too. The lyrics to the music are very cute and simple compared to what some of the songs these days talk about. The beat was catchy in every song and had a different guitar rhythm that made it unique in every form.

Honestly, I’m very grateful I decided to challenge myself to do this because it taught  me a great lesson about not just judging people and anything in general. In the end, my opinion over country music has changed,but I would never add it to any of my playlists. It just doesn’t go with who I am, I rather stick to my music taste. I highly encourage you to challenge yourself to try something you highly dislike and see if your opinion changes just like mine did.