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Cloaked for Success


On one stormy night in New Orleans two people from different walks of life will change forever. Tandy Bowen from the glamour of the rich and Tyrone Johnson from the mean streets of New Orleans lives collide. Twelve years prior an oil rig explosion cause Tandy’s father to lose control of his vehicle and drive over a bridge. Tyrone and his brother Billy were running from the cops and his brother was shot and fell into the lake. Tyrone jumped in in an attempt to rescue him. Somehow in the lake both Tandy and Tyrone touch hands and together they receive powers that they not know about for years.


Cloak and Dagger is different from every other show because it takes two teens from different worlds with amazing powers based on their personalities. The typical marvel show’s superhero gets their power randomly. Look at Spiderman; he had no real love of spiders, it was purely coincidence.   


Most superheroes they get their powers random or from accident, but for Tandy and Tyrone their powers are pick for them specifically based on who they are. Cloak and Dagger Tandy and Tyrone are polar opposites from each other. Tandy likes to takes risks and do whatever she needs to do to survive in the outside world, but she needs the dagger to protect herself from bad people she is surrounded by and she can’t trust anyone around her. Tyrone, the apple of his parents’ eye, cannot help.But want to hide from the pressure put on him by using the power of invisibility  


The setting for Cloak and Dagger is based in New Orleans,a city with ton of cultural significance. Namely, the city’s rich history of voodoo.This is a good setting for Cloak and Dagger because of the supernatural and they have powers that are out of the supernatural.


I definitely recommend Cloak and Dagger to anyone to watch in their free time. It’s an amazing show to watch with everybody including your friends and family. Your can catch up with season one for free on, watch reruns on demand, and season two airs in spring of 2019.

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