Zoey Reviews: The Christmas Chronicles


Zoey McCarty, Staff Writer

On one freezing Christmas Eve night in Lowell, Massachusetts two siblings lives will change forever. Teddy and Kate Pierce are celebrating first Christmas alone since the death of their father, Doug Pierce, who died in a fire the year before. The death of their father was difficult for the family include their mother, Claire, who works the night shift as a nurse at the local hospital. An old home video reveals an unexpected visitor so Kate and her brother Teddy hatch a plan to catch the man in red.

The Christmas Chronicles is a excellent movie because of the odyssey-style storytelling of two siblings, Teddy and Kate, and Santa they go a journey to save Christmas for the whole world.

In the movie,siblings Teddy and Kate,and Santa Claus travel to Chicago from Lowell, Massachusetts to find the missing Christmas presents that Teddy and Kate caused to fall from Santa’s sleigh. During their time in Chicago, they were met with different obstacles like with people not believing in that Santa Claus is really him and getting chase by the police.

The elves in The Christmas Chronicles are not your traditional elves from other classic Christmas movies from the past to present day. They are much feistier with their own special language.

In The Christmas Chronicles, Kate went to the North Pole to get help from the elves. While in Santa’s shop,she saw an elf for the first time. Rather than a warm holiday greeting, the elf ran from the newcomer and hid in a corner. Kate followed the elf and began filming it with her video camera. While she was distracted,a huge gang of elves sneaks up behind her and attacks her. This is very different from the elves we are used to seeing in our holiday films,but a breath of fresh air.

I definitely recommend The Christmas Chronicles to watch with family and friends to see an adventure of two siblings saving Christmas with the help of Santa Claus. The Christmas Chronicles is available on Netflix by using your television or download the app on your phone or other device.