We’ve Got Spirit!

December 5, 2018

From splits to stunts we recognize them by the huge megaphones, pom poms, bows, stunts and flips. They are more than just athletes, they carry on their shoulders the job to cheer on their team. They have to entertain, show school spirit, be an ambassador, and most importantly they have to be a leader to others. A cheerleader encourage their classmates in the best and worst moments. Also and most importantly to be able to create memories along the road.

Here at Cypress Lakes, we have a group of cheerleaders that stuns in every performance they give. Cheerleading is a club that meets almost everyday of the week. They practice all the flips and stunts they are going to perform for various events. Although the club does require for you to spend an amount of money on it you get great experiences and memories from it.

“I very much enjoy it. It is very hard like people say ‘Oh you’re a cheerleader you do nothing and I’m like I do more things but I enjoy it it makes me happy,” Julia Venable, junior, said.

Throughout the school year there is many events that Cy-Lakes is a part of. From football games to pep rallies the cheerleaders are a part of it all. You name it and they are there showing there school pride.  They do have their preferences on which events are their favourite though.

“The most fun events I would say are football games and pep rallies,” Kasiia Anderson, junior, said.

 While, Venable stated “Definitely Light Up The Lakes is great. And any homecoming game. Homecoming is my favourite because everyone gets hype and it’s fun and a lot of people come to our games. And then Light Up The Lakes and anything we perform is great,”

But cheerleading isn’t just about attending games and cheering on. There is also various regulations any cheerleader must keep up to qualify to be a cheerleader.

 “You always have to be passing. Like before tryouts happen you have to have a certain amount of absences and DMC,” Anderson said.

If you are the type of person that likes to create friendships and memories, or you would like to just try it out. Here are some things you should take into consideration if wanting to become a cheerleader.


“Basically we make the team during March like we see if we made it or not before spring break. And we start practice that summer and we don’t stop,” Julia said.

“We practice every day except Wednesday till 4:15 p.m,” Anderson said.

In cheerleading you learn more about yourself and also learn about others. If you are thinking of joining the cheerleading club or just want to join something but don’t know what then tryout for the cheerleading team or to be the mascot. It is totally worth it and you get to create good memories along the road.

“Oh yes, listen to me it is a great program and say you want to be involved in something but don’t know what. Try out for cheer it is really easy,” Venable said.

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