The Great Pineapple Debate


Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

       Pizza a meal that almost every family has had on their dinner table before. The beginning of pizza invented a long time ago in Greece but was officially created and eaten in Italy. The first pizza ever invented was considered more of a pizza pie but slowly begun to grow in great amounts throughout the country, and around 1943 it was all over the world. A huge controversy in the pizza world is if sweet toppings such as pineapple belong on pizza. Most people argue that it is nasty and that anything sweet ruins the pizza itself. In my personal, opinion pineapple on pizza is great and is taste delicious too.


     Something about the flavor of pineapple pizza is great. Yes indeed, the regular order of pepperoni pizza is great but why not go out of your comfort zone and try a new pizza. The taste of pineapple pizza can be bittersweet and salty but the taste will be making you crave for more of it. The texture of the the pizza is soft all depending on what type of crust you try and from what pizza place you are getting it through. In my opinion, the best place to get a good pineapple pizza is Domino’s with regular crust.


   Another important and great thing about pineapple pizza is it’s nutrition. A pineapple pizza has less calories than a regular pepperoni pizza. So if you are trying to try something new in a more healthy manner pineapple on pizza is a must. Pineapple also contains fiber, this helps out by having a regular and healthy digestive tract. Also, contains vitamin B and a great amount of manganese which helps in the production of energy.


       Pineapple pizza is great. Why? It’s very unique and gives it a distinct flavour than just the regular pizza order of cheese and pepperoni. Sometimes it is great to be unique and go out and try something new; maybe at the end you end up liking the things that you tried. But in the meantime I’ll be ordering a large Hand Tossed pizza, tomato sauce, pineapple and pepperoni.


Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels