The Muse in the Mask


Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

Has the thought of famous celebrities dressed up in costumes and singing without you knowing who they are ever crossed your mind ? Well, there is a new show on Fox called The Masked Singer hosted by Nick Cannon,Where various celebrities dress their full bodies in costumes conceal their identity while singing their hearts out. It involves a lot of mystery and comedy. After their performance, the four or five judges will make an attempt on guessing who the mystery celebrity is. At the end of the night the one celebrity will be eliminated and must take of their mask.

In the season premiere of The Masked Singer, 12 contestants disguised from a pineapple human to a monster. The show contains a lot of mystery and comedy. They begin each performance by showing a brief clip of the celebrity behind the mask, which have hidden clues in them. After each performance has concluded the 4 judges consisting of Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger, make an attempt to guess who is behind the mask each judge chooses a celebrity. There attempts into making an accurate and precise guess And if the celebrity is eliminated they must reveal their hidden identity.

In the first episode they introduced the Peacock, Monster, Unicorn, Lion, Rabbit, Raven and many more. Only one being eliminated every night. After six costumed contestants compete in pairs. The judges decide who gets to sing for one more week. Battles were placed and won. The contestants that had been defeated go on to the final battle and the audience votes. The hippo being the first one to be eliminated and slowly reveals it’s identity.

The Masked Singer is one of those shows that you won’t regret watching. The show is aired every wednesday on Fox 8 PM at central time. You may also visit the Fox website to tune and watch all the prior episodes that you may have missed. After all, you may even guess who the celebrity behind the mask is.