Looking for Budget-Friendly Prom Dresses? Look No Further!


Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

    Prom season, where everyone dresses up fancy for their last dance in high school. There are various places on where to get the right outfit for the amazing night but students who are on a budget always ask themselves if it is worth breaking the bank on one night. Some student go all out with their outfits without considering the costs while other need options that are easier on the wallet. Luckily, there are many places both in person and online that Spartans can shop in and look fabulous under any budget.

    It is more common for people to shop in store, so they are able to try on the dresses they like. While many others prefer the sitting at home and shop for their dress online, just basing the dress by a look. Here are a few places to shop for prom dresses in the Houston area and surroundings.

    Many places to shop for dresses in-person range in both style and prices. Camille La Vie is one of the major locations for formal dresses. With two locations, one in Memorial City Mall and the other one in The Galleria. This store ranges from Ball Gown dresses to Short and simple ones. The price range for this store is from around $150 to $900 depending on the style you plan on buying.

     Another huge and more convenient place to shop is Macy’s Clothing Store. They have a lot of simple and appealing dresses. They are also on a more economic budget, prices ranging from $80 and above. You may visit one of three Macy’s location in the Houston area.

   Following, Glamorous Formals located on 12155 Jones Rd #200, Houston, TX 77070. A smaller store but has great quality dresses for prom. The pricing may be really different depending on what you plan on buying. For more information about Glamorous Formal you may visit their website www.glamorousformal.com  .

   If you do not feel like shopping in-store, there is always the online alternative. Two good websites for buying prom dresses are www.lulus.com and www.terrycosta.com . Their price ranges are varying. Make sure to measure yourself correctly before buying online and avoid getting pulled into cheap scams from retailers where the prices are too good to be true.

  These are a few options on where to be able to buy prom dresses. There are always more options available but feel free to check out the options giving up above.