The Story of Sparta

The Story of Sparta

Zoey McCarty, Staff Writer

While students walk to their classes in the giant, crowded hallways of Cypress Lakes, it’s hard to imagine what it like was 11 years ago,when there no students or staff, empty of desks and computers, and an new beginning of an evolution.

The construction of Cypress Lakes came about for new students coming from middle school to high school and was designed to alleviate the overcrowded population from the neighboring high schools, Cypress Falls, Cypress Springs, and Langham Creek.  

“Opening a new building was the most excited and fun thing that I ever done in my life. I wasn’t nervous about it because you’re bringing all your experiences,” Principal Secretary Donna Jo Strickler said.

Anytime there is a new beginning there are always obstacles that must be overcome and the creation of Cypress Lakes was no different, however, the administration and district professional involved in the opening of the school faced the challenges and rose above it.

“The school had barely opened and the hurricane blew through. That was a big obstacle. We just got school started and then we had to stop. The goal post blew down on the football field and we had flooding through the area ,” Principal Sarah Harty said.

The staff at Cypress Lakes who have been here since the beginning have created a community with the students, parents and new staff at Cypress Lakes

“The people are amazing and it starts with the students. I love the kids here. I love community here: the parents, teachers, and businesses. The parents are very supportive of what we do here at Cy Lakes and we appreciate that every day,” Associate Principal Hoang Pham said.

11 years is a long time and with that long time, comes some really great memories.

“We had a rally before the school opened was called “Prepare to Dream” and we were at the Berry Center because we weren’t finished yet. It was so excited with the electricity in that room  and the arena was unbelieve. Everyone was so excited and I couldn’t sleep that night,” Strickler said.

While each new year comes a new set of faces both on the staff and in the study body, the 11-year staff members are all optimistic about what the future holds for Cypress Lakes.

“You always become better and better. Every school should be on the path of improvement and one day when I retire, which I don’t think really soon,  my goal is to be a better place when I found it,”  Principal Harty said.