In-and-Out Is On Its Way To Texas

In-and-Out Is On Its Way To Texas

Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

When speaking of fast food places the variety of places to visit is long. For many Texans Whataburger is the go-to option but this might change by winter 2019 with the opening of In-N-Out near Katy Mills Mall. In-N-Out is a fast food chain known for its famous Double-Double Burgers but will the opening decrease sales at the Texan fast food chain Whataburger?

     In-N-Out, a fast food restaurant that was originally created in Baldwin Park, CA. With a menu consisting of Double-Double burgers, Cheeseburgers, Protein Style Burgers that are similar to Whataburger. There are some options that vary between both fast food chains.

    For example,  In-N-Out consists of less options to choose from, but some may be more healthy. Their menu consists of the double-double burgers, fries, drinks, shakes and even a not so secret menu! Although the Not-So-Secret menu consists of customer favorites such as being the Protein Style, 3×3, 4×4 and Protein Style.

   In contrast to In-N-Out , Whataburger also offers a lot of options. They are mainly known for making the burger just how the customer may want it. Also for their famous hamburgers such as the Patty Melt, Monterey Melt and many more to go. Their prices depends on what you want to eat. Also having variety of items to drink. Their shakes are also a very popular item on the list for customers. Only thing that makes a difference in between these two is that Whataburger does not offer a Secret Menu. Most options to eat are available at the participating locations.

   After all, they both are fast food chain locations with a variety of options to choose from. Most people are open to trying In-N-Out, but it is going to be a while until the Katy location opens up. So in the meantime, Whataburger is the option.