The Dress Code Dialogue


Jeremiah Bailey, Staff Writer

School is back in session and the dress code along with it. No one has a problem with it, but some people are focused on the wrong things involving dress code. The administration is more focused on whose shoulders are exposed than whether or not students have their I.D’s on in the halls. No one is distracted by shoulders, thighs are an exception in some cases, but the dress code takes away from what school is supposed to be about.


The dress code is only distracting to the administrators and is cutting into the students’ class time and learning. School is all about learning, not if someone’s shoulders are exposed or if our jeans show skin. Students state that they aren’t distracted by shoulders and that their parents have no issue with shoulders or ripped jeans and  some teachers say that every time they have to stop a student during class, it stops the lesson and stops someone from learning.


Parents and students see no problem with the way the dress code works.  However, administrators need to focus on the more problematic dress code violations and not waste their own valuable time on tiny rips and tears above the knee. There are other more important things that the administrators could be focusing their time on that would serve the school better than upholding an outdated dress code.


Supporters of the current dress code might say that people should follow the rules that are in place and see nothing wrong with it. Those people haven’t been written up for something as small as shoulders. People aren’t understanding until it applies to them. School has just started and there is still a chance for things to get better for students and their style of clothing.