Putting the p(m) in Pep Rally


Jeremiah Bailey, Staff Writer

Students gathered for the first 7th period pep-rally in CyLakes history. Now, to be clear, there have been pep rallies before, but those were before the school day started and attention was more on food and class than loud noises at 6:45 in the morning.

“Since they were in the morning, nobody cared and we were so tired that we had no pep,” Lorelei Critelli, cheerleader, said.

Spartan cheerleaders really wanted to do something to get students excited about the 2019 homecoming game so the cheer coach and the cheerleaders convinced the administration to let them host a serious and attention-grabbing p.m. pep-rally. This way they could really get the students and football team fired up. 

“The hardest part was getting a routine together in time and we had less than a week to perfect our moves,” Critelli said.

Even with a lack of prep time they still pulled off a homecoming pep-rally that really got the students excited for the homecoming game. Spartans are proud that they won the homecoming game and believe that the pep-rally played a big part in the football teams victory.

“It did boost the football teams ability to play… they had a lot of support from the school,” Johan Villitoro, sophomore, said.

This is the first homecoming win in the school’s history and the students are hoping that there is more to come. The administration also felt that the pep rally was a fun and unifying event.

“I think we should have more pep rallies, I like pep rallies,” said Ms.Burton.


Photo by Calvin Nguyen