Fashion Gets Friendly


Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

 “I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.” recognize these lyrics from the popular day-time show “Friends?” A group of consisting of six friends; Joey, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Chandler, enduring  their journey together through their late 20’s. On September 22, 1994, the first episode of the american-sitcom was aired; now 25 years later the celebrations are grand. 

     The clothing company Ralph Lauren has created a clothing line similar to Rachel Green’s iconic style during the 10 years of the show. They collaborated with Warner Bros Studios and Bloomingdales to make this Rachel Green inspired collection. 

    The clothing collection is called “The One Where They Wore Ralph Lauren,” which consists of velvet jackets, turtlenecks, leather trousers and skirts, both in mid and midi length. This line is exclusively designed to be like Rachel, so there is no menswear in this collection. 

    According to sources, Ralph Lauren stated, “The collection is a celebration of the brand’s role in the series. Just as friends proved to be a perennial favorite series for viewers over the last 25 years, this collection reflects Ralph Lauren’s timeless styles and archetypes that have remained a go-to for the modern working woman.” 

    But not only is Ralph Lauren coming out with “Friends” products. To this day the show is still a huge success that a lot of companies decided to create “Friends” themed merchandise for their 25th anniversary. The following companies have created “Friends” theme merchandise H&M, ASOS, Lego and the Pottery Barn. A Trivia themed game is also coming out soon. 

   After 25 years the American-Sitcom is still a top viewed show by many people across the globe. So here is to 25 years of America’s daytime-show “Friends.”