The Astros “Take It Back”


Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

  “Take it back” the Houston Astros official slogan for the 2019 season. With the Astros finishing their regular season 107-55, clinching the AL playoffs, the ALDS (American League Division Series) and the ALCS title (American League Championship Series). Letting them advance to the World Series but they have to take on their biggest rival yet; the Washington Nationals.  

     Before they take on the game series against the Nationals, they had to face the New York Yankees. In a game series that lasted six games, the battle for the ALCS was very well-fought by both teams on the field, also in the stands.

    A huge controversy that happened during the game series was the way the Yankees’ fans were treating the Astros team members and fans, when a group of Yankees’ fans insulted the Astros starting pitcher, Zack Greinke while he was warming up in the bullpen. The group of Yankees’  fans insulted Greinke’s family and made fun of his social anxiety disorder. The person who started it was escorted out of the stadium by an officer. 

   According to sources, Greinke did not listen to the comments the group of fans were giving. Not only did the make fun of a team player, but also all the Astros fans that traveled to the Yankee Stadium to cheer on their team. It got to the point that Astros fans had to get escorted for their own safety. 

   Although, the team had a minor setback caused by diehard Yankees’ fans, they were able to bring the ALCS back to Houston. Bringing the city together and fulfilling it with happiness, next stop is bringing the World Series title home. The first game will be played against the Washington Nationals on October 22th at 7:08 p.m. at Minute Maid Park, the first to win four games will be crowned the World Series Champions. 

    After winning the ALCS Astros shortstop, Carlos Correa told ESPN, “Like they call themselves, they’re savages. But in this jungle called the American League, we’re the apex predator.”


Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels