The Case For Off-Campus Lunch


Abigail Cayetano, Staff Writer

Cypress Lakes High School was opened in 2008 and led by our very own principal, Ms Sara Harty. A little over ten years and in that time we have never had off campus lunch for students. Teachers are allowed to eat off campus so why shouldn’t students? 

According to the New York Times, now that schools are trying to serve healthier foods, students are throwing out their food from school more and more. It is a very well known fact that school food is not very good for students. Not just in the school and not just the district. Students have been allowed to bring their own lunches to school and eat, and with that comes another issue. 

Home cooked lunches are the best to have, cooked by mom, dad, or students themselves. Bringing them to school and waiting for lunch to eat and then, their food is not cool or warm the way it was intended to be eaten. One thing that most teachers do deny is the use of a microwave or fridge to store or reheat food. All students really can bring is room temperature foods. Hot foods cool down and cold foods warm up throughout the day. So, sure students can bring their own room temperature food, but their menu is limited. 

Students can eat breakfast at school or have a second chance, if they were late, after their second period. Some go three, four, or even five periods without eating. Students complain of hunger more this year than last because of the strict vending machines visitations. Getting out of that class to finally eat, they want to eat good food, food they like. Spending $2.50 on lunch, they want to spend it on food they like. 

Students leaving and coming back in a rush to get to school just in time for class does create a safety issue. If an extended lunch is provided then that issue wouldn’t be a problem. 

Another concern  would be questioning if students are responsible enough for this privilege. Privileges like these should be given, but taken away if the student has bad behavior or tardy troubles. A way to monitor this would be to require students that wish to go off campus for lunch to get a pass (similar to tardy sweeps) and have an assistant principal simply monitor the door and be sure that no one without a pass exits or enters the building. . 

In the decade that Cy Lakes has been a place of education no off campus lunch has been provided for students, it’s time for a change.


Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels