TEA Announces Takeover of HISD

TEA Announces Takeover of HISD

Zoey McCarty, Staff Writer

In the spring of 2020 Texas Education Agency (TEA) will take control over Houston Independent School District the largest school district in Texas and number eight in the United States. After an investigation into the district and find out that HISD has failed to give “proper education” to the students with failing grades, changing superintendents, and board members fighting after the past five years.

Many people have questioned if Texas Education Agency have good intentions for the takeover of Houston Independent School District in an attempt to change the education system from public to private. 

  “It has nothing to do with student achievement. And it is actually going to hurt the community in Houston,”  said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.

The teachers of HISD are still in the dark of what’s going to happen after TEA takes over the district in the spring, but united together in the Houston Federation of Teachers’ Union to take on the TEA’s decision and prepare to file a lawsuit against the State of Texas to stop the takeover all together. 

“We have a lot of concerns. We have a lot of questions,”Educators, parents and community. We need answers.This is a power grab,” said Zeph Capo, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers. 

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has criticized how the leaders of Houston Independent School District for being self-centered of not giving the students a better education and advocate TEA for taking over HISD. 

 “Their self-centered ineptitude has failed the children they are supposed to educate. If ever there was a school board that needs to be taken over and reformed,it’s HISD. Their students & parents deserve change,” Governor Greg Abbott said.

Parents, students, and residents in HISD came to protest against Texas Education Agency taking over their district from being turned from public to private education from the State of Texas because of the controversy for the past five years.

“I believe our voices should be heard no matter who we are,” said Natalia Villarreal, a junior at Northside High School.

After everything that happened for the past week for Houston Independent School District with State of Texas taking control. In the future the takeover can change the ways of HISD forever.