With Liberty And Chromebooks For All


Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

 With technology advances rising rapidly, the world must catch up to it. An impact of technology has been reflected in schools all over the country. Most teachers now assign work on Google Classroom, your work must be turned in through TurnItIn.Com, AP students have work on AP Classroom, etc. The list is infinite but the problem comes down to many families not having the financial stability to afford monthly internet payments, laptops, and the other resources needed for technological use. This leads to many students not being able to perform in school because of their lack of resources. 

     That is why a school district in Houston has decided to take action, making every student successful. Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) gave around 6,000 of their students either an iPad or chromebook. They were giving these devices on an ongoing corporate grant or by planned digital expansion at the secondary level. The students are allowed to bring those devices back home to be able to work on their school assignments. This is a brilliant idea for students who don’t have the resources, but should other school districts follow SBISD’s lead?

     It is good to enforce students to work on what has been assigned to them in school, yet there is still that one person who ruins it for the group. Many students are given the resources to become successful, but they don’t take advantage of them. There are many things that a school district has to take into consideration before making a decision like this. 

     For example, does the school district have enough money to provide these types of services for every student within their district. Although it is a good idea to implement laptops to everyone, it kind of takes a toll when students don’t appreciate the effort being given by district officials. Of course, there are always a group of students that don’t put effort into school related matters, yet this program can change that.  The majority of students don’t do their homework on a regular basis, so giving away laptops may actual help to boost those scores up. 

     This program that SBISD is enforcing in their schools is beyond beneficial for students and their academics. This can boost up their grades, test scores and the completion of work within the classroom atmosphere. It is a program that school districts such as CFISD should adapt for their students that don’t have the resources at home. 


Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels