The End Of The Show As We Know It


Lorelei Critelli, Staff Writer

Netflix finally followed up with a second season of “The End of the F***ing World” this November, and has gotten many mixed reactions from viewers. The show’s first season, which aired in October of 2017, was widely critically acclaimed, boasting a respectable 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. The second season has not been so well received.

To briefly explain, the first season consisted of two teenagers who go on a wild Bonnie and Clyde-like adventure after the male-lead, James, conspires a plan to murder the female lead role, Alyssa, but never gets the chance to. The audience is left right as they both are caught, and go through a very devastating and emotional cliffhanger. 

In my opinion, the plot of season two was, in simplest ways, “meh.” They started off by introducing a new character, Bonnie. The way the writers developed and executed this character’s life, and mind are impressive.  It gives insight on the effects of troubling childhoods, and how people can be easily manipulated, etc.

Although this portion of the season wasn’t bad, those involved in production still could have made it more. That’s where the “meh” attitude comes from. When the season ended, viewers were left craving closure for Alyssa and James’ relationship. We did end up getting it, but not much was addressed as far as their characterization goes. 

A big part was left out from the very beginning. Did we forget about James’ elaborate plan to kill Alyssa? We assume he’s changed, given the fact he reveals that he loves her, and goes into a depressive state when he’s without her. This seems to be enough for some viewers, especially the ending (won’t give much spoilers). But the fact that no one addressed the fact he was an ACTUAL sociopath and now he’s in love?

Hopefully they saved that for the next season, which we assume will be a while. Overall, great idea, just left the viewer a little empty. I would recommend you to watch it though. You can (binge) watch it on Netflix only.