Cocoa and Clichés


Wendolee Garcia Martinez, Staff Writer

“Let it snow” is Netflix’s most recent Christmas-themed original movie in a long line of content produced specifically for the Netflix platform. The movie is like any other traditional holiday rom-com, it’s filled with clichés and has a very predictable but has an attention-grabbing plot. Like any other Netflix original you would expect it looks cheap and cheesy, but nonetheless it’s an entertaining movie to curl up to on a long winter’s night. Though this movie wasn’t too bad it still felt rushed and as if there was something missing.

The story is made out of three main plots,however they were not connected and therefore made it unclear.  While the main focus was on a girl and a famous singer, it also jumped to other complicated stories such as a girl who wasn’t “out”to her friends and family, and a boy trying to confess his feelings to a girl who already had a bit of a fling going on with someone else . The only way the three stories connect is when a snow storm hits their small town and they end up at the same place, a waffle restaurant.

The movie was filled with cliches in the movie.  A musician wants to take a break from his fame so he escapes from his tour bus and hops on a train, and  ,of course, the girl who dislikes him is on the same train. The train stops due to heavy snow and they end up getting off the train and going to a “waffle town” where the girl makes it very clear that she dislikes her small town. Throughout the movie there were many more cliches incidents but, I did like that it showed the way teenagers think and didn’t have to make it too over dramatic.

Although “Let it Snow” was a bit all over the place and was filled with teenage angst, it was still an enjoyable and diverse christmas movie, if the different  storylines would’ve connected I think the movie would have been better nonetheless I would recommend watching this Netflix original if you don’t know what to watch.


Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels