China’s Secret


Wendolee Garcia Martinez, Staff Writer

From the separation of families and the cries of young children in Xinjiang, to the sound of explosions and the sight of military officials beating protesters in Hong Kong. China hides a dark secret and has defended their involvement in these human rights issues. 

Hong Kong citizens took to the streets in late March, to protest the Extradition Bill, a bill that Hong Kong citizens worry will let the Chinese government restrict their freedom. Both protesters and Hong Kong authorities reacted violently to these events. Military officials attacked activist with gunshots while protestors retaliated by using petrol bombs. The people of Hong Kong aren’t the only ones going through chinese persecution, In Xinjiang, chinese muslim are being separated and forced into what people are calling a “modern day holocaust.” Right now more than 3 million Uyghur Muslims are forced into concentration camps where they are brainwashed to become “normal citizens,” children are sent to orphanages and women are forced to marry chinese men. In the concentration camps, they are forced to eat pork, drink alcohol, and denounce themselves as muslims. The government is also destroying mosques and any type of building with Islamic symbols. 

According to a government insider, the central inspection team ordered for the city government to destroy any islamic symbols and threatened to fire the city head if his orders weren’t put into action. 

“While demanding to hang the national flag and sing the national anthem, the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] demolishes religious symbols to make people obey and follow the Party. Its goal is to eradicate people’s religious belief.” said a local muslim angrily to Bitter Winter magazine. 

A muslim woman, Mansha, lived in fear after police came and arrested her husband after they labeled him a terrorist suspect in March 2018. But things didn’t end there for this family. 3 months after his arrest the police came into her store and destroyed all of her valuables including, several freezers and a display cabinet with food. The loss of these expensive items caused the downfall of her and her children’ source of income. 

   “These police officers are so ruthless. They arrested her husband and left her all alone with her child. It’s such a pity. They don’t even let her do business. They’re no different from bandits and robbers,” said a neighbor of Mansha to Bitter Winter magazine 

Data leaked revealing the way China brainwashes muslims in what they call “vocational training centers.” The leak was made to the ICIJ [International Consortium of Investigative Journalists], which works with 17 media paterns. China’s director of human rights, Sophie Richardson, believes that the leaked information should be used by prosecutors.   

“This is an actionable piece of evidence, documenting a gross human rights violation, I think it’s fair to describe everyone being detained as being subject at least to psychological torture, because they literally don’t know how long they’re going to be there.” Richardson said.

Shohrat Zakir, the chairman of Xinjiang government claims that others who were in the camp have “graduated” and the camps now only hold people who voluntarily chose to attend the camp, but the leaked files show China’s true intentions.

“Promote the repentance and confession of the students for them to understand deeply the illegal, criminal and dangerous nature of their past activity,” said China’s president, Xi Jinping, in the leaked nine page memo.

Government officials around the world have asked Beijing to let UN investigators observe the facilities but China has denied all access.    “The government should, at the very least, allow independent UN experts to assess the situation, and allow Uighurs and members of other ethnic minorities to freely communicate with their relatives overseas. Until now, this is something the authorities have repeatedly refused to do” said Nicholas Bequelin, a regional Amnesty director.


Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels