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Australian Fires Devastate Diverse Wildlife


Australia, a country that is known for its picturesque countryside, diverse wildlife and plentiful reserves is now an unrecognizable warzone with the forest that protects the vast animal population reduced to ashes.

The Australian State, New South Wales, the city most affected by the bushfires, has officially charged 24 people of 183 for for intentionally causing the fires. They include a 19-year-old man  who was also involved in the first fire that destroyed 18 million acres of land and caused 500 million wildlife animals to lose their homes.

“We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. We all know the devastation these fires causing,” New South Wales Detective Inspector Scott Nelson said.

Chaos of the Australia fires had a major impact of the wildlife on Australia’s ecosystem with over half a billion animals killed and burned, acres of trees are gone and entire species of plants and animals completely wiped out.

“Across whole forests there are millions of individuals, and hundreds of different species in those forests that all rely on each other. And if you lose one, it’s like a link in a chain, you then lose the others that it is connected to,” Ecologist Manu Sanders said. 

Over one billion animals lost their lives with over 15.6 million acres torched to the ground has been destroyed from the bushfires, but now remains of ashes from the victims from the animals who lost their homes and land from the fires. 

“Due to the intensity, severity and size of the massive fires, few animals survive and the loss of wildlife and their habitat is heartbreaking,” from Wires,an Australian wildlife rescue organization, said in a statement to CBS News. 

Many people are coming from all over the world to provide aid to the people and animals who were affected from the Australian fires like the Irwin family, through the Australia Zoo to provide aid to the animals and saved over 90,000 animals who were injured. In addition, firefighters from the United States arrived to assist Australian firefighters to tame the wild beast of the fires.

“With so many devastating fires within Australia, my heart breaks for the people and wildlife who have lost so much,” Bindi Irwin said. 

After everything that has happened to the animals and people in Australia these events have altered this country forever.

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