The Mandalorian Review


Dexter Neilsen, Guest Writer

The Mandalorian is the latest installment in the Star Wars Universe. It follows the main character known as the Mandalorian, a lone bounty hunter hired to apprehend fugitives. His commitment to the job is tested when he receives an unusual request and meets an unexpected target. The Mandalorian was an all around great show but the writing was questionable because they just dropped the viewer into the story without any background information and the show was very predictable.

The show writing was sloppy. The writers did not introduce enough background information before dropping the viewer into the middle of an action packed show. For instance, at the beginning of the first episode we see the Mandalorian, going to apprehend a Fledgling Mythrol after a bounty was put on him. Only Star Wars fanatics, like myself where the Mandalorian comes from or how they’ve gotten to this point, everyone else is lost.

The bad writing also made the show predictable. Viewers were regularly able to guess plot points. A good example is in the first episode where the Mandalorian has arrived to Tatooine in search of his next quarry when he encounters a pair of blurrgs who start attacking him then out of nowhere an alien farmer Kuiil who saves him from the blurrgs and helps him throughout the series.

Even with all of these issues, it’s not a bad show. I think that it’s still a great show and season two might get even better. We will just have to wait and see. You can catch season 2 on Disney + some time in 2020.