The Grudge Review


Wendolee Garcia Martinez, Staff Writer

Many horror movie fanatics were excited for the 2020 remake of the 2004 film The Grudge. The movie was announced in 2014 and was anticipated ever since, but it left fans disappointed once the film was finally released. The Grudge remake was nothing we haven’t seen before, the jump scares where predictable, there was little to no suspense, and it was a bit confusing at times. 

The movie starts off in Japan where the first haunting occurs and then jumps to two years later where you see a widowed mother, who is also a detective, investigating the discovery of a corpse. Throughout her investigation the movie jumps from 2004, where two realtors become haunted from the houses “grudge,” then to 2005 where an old couple looking for help end up in the wrong place, and goes back to 2006 where the widowed detective is looking for an answer to the deaths that took place in that house. The back and forth of the movie feels rushed and makes it hard for the viewers to keep up with the storyline.

Apart from the complicated plot, the jump scares was what primarily made the film disappointing. The jump scares were very predictable: the reflection of a ghost in the bathroom mirror, a ghoulish object that vanishes when the lights are turned on, and as expected, a little girl with long wet hair who just stood there and made throaty moaning sounds. The film would have been saved if it had a suspenseful plot, and a more thought out dialogue. 

The bright spot in the film was the choice of cast members which included Lin Shaye who is referred to as “scream queen” due to the many horror films she has been cast in.

The Grudge was a pointless remake with way too much blood, empty “scares”, and a plot that was all over the place. It’s safe to say that this year didn’t have a good start for horror movie fans.