Back in Class and Burnt Out


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Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

  According to a NYU study, almost half of all high school students in the United States are stressed. High school stress is a very common thing that almost every high school student has dealt with at some point but is most common their junior year. The stress within a student may sometimes be the cause of the abundant amount of homework teachers assign, personal and internal conflicts, and the pressure of getting into college. 

     As a current high school junior, the stress has been over the roof since the first day of school from essays due every week to packets of homework due the next day. There is no such thing as a break, the amount of pressure the teachers put on their charges to do good in school. May actually be the reason why many students are not reaching their full potential, academically speaking.Many students feel pressured to do academically good in school, that many push aside the importance of self-care within themselves. I understand that teachers do such tactics to get us prepared for college and our future but in a way they are over-preparing us. About a week ago, two former Cy Lakes graduates came to the campus to speak about how college work, and both speakers came to terms that they are actually a little bit more relaxed when it comes to assignments, etc. 

     With upcoming exams like the ACT, SAT and EOC, it gets more stressful being that teachers assign the most homework during that time period knowing the amount of stress we already have on our shoulders. Coming to school everyday and having seven classes a day, trying your best to retain information for every single class because you’re probably going to need it for an exam, is just as stressful as it sounds. 7% of youth (or 1.8 million adolescents and teens) experience severe depression. These youth experienced very serious interference in school, home and in relationships.

     Speaking for myself, I have never worked best under stress, it just makes me even more stressed. It does have its pros though, it helps you become more independent. It also helps you become more conscious with your mental health. At some points, you just have to know if staying up all night doing homework is actually going to be beneficial or just affect me the next day I go back to school. Honestly, stress can be controlled by making sure to balance everything out. 

     High school definitely makes a student stressed out, maybe you are not there yet but at some point in high school it will. The most important thing is to make sure to balance your mental health, priorities and school but clearly not forgetting to have fun. High school will teach students how to manage everything, in the end everything will turn out fine. Just enjoy the four years of high school stress there is get because once in college, the stress levels do not compare at all.