Sign Stealing Astros


Karla Castillo, Staff Writer

     From winning the World Series title in 2017 to being accused of sign-stealing in the World Series games, are the Houston Astros. To begin the year 2020, a huge scandal sparked for the Astros team, for sign-stealing during the World Series games in 2017. 

     The team is being accused of stealing signs to their advantage, and many assume this is how they won the World Series championship back in 2017. Sign-Stealing in baseball is when the opposing team tries to decode the codes being given by the other team. Although, sign-stealing is acceptable in baseball, the Astros team was being accused of sign-stealing with technology meaning cameras, binoculars, or any other items that are foreign to the game, is illegal in baseball. The Boston Red Soxs’ team is also under fire for sign-stealing after Alex Cora, former Houston Astro, helped them with the World Series 2018.

     The team was exposed back in November 2019, when the teams formed pitcher, Mike Fiers exposed their illegal sing-stealing. According to CBS Sports, Fiers explained that the Astros had set up a camera in center field so they could steal the signs, figure out their strategy, then proceed to bang on the trash cans to signal the hitter what was coming towards him, making this illegal in baseball.  

     After the Major League Baseball investigated the scandal further, they disciplined the Astros general manager, Jeff Luhnow, and manager,  A.J. Hinch, with a one-year suspension, hours later following their discharge of their positions on the team. Houston was also fined $5 millions dollars and lost first and second draft for the 2020 season. The Los Angeles Dodgers who lost against both the Astros and Red Sox, are demanding the MLB to take the title from both teams due to the alleged cheating, the MLB is still looking further to come with a solution. 

     According to Fox Sports, Jose Altuve, second baseman for the Houston Astros admisst the scandal came out to the press and stated, “We’re going to be in the World Series again in 2020.”