Review: Call Me By Your Name

Review: Call Me By Your Name

Han Tran, Guest Writer

The movie “Call Me By Your Name” by Luca Guadagnino was a beautiful romance story between 2 people who fell in love in the aesthetic golden surrounding of Northern Italy. They would soon realize how their love could lead to something that will change their life. 

      This movie was a stunning masterpiece for many different reasons. For example, the movie was able to portray LGBTQ+ representation on a big platform like a movie that actually was released in many selected theaters around the world. This movie speaks to LGBTQ+ youth as the movie’s  aesthetic has inspired our pop cultures such as other movies. 

     The movie also did not focus on the main characters but also present the supporting character’s story . As a reference from the movie, Elio’s parents have also given him advice and even supported his relationship instead of being against it. Even though his parents knew the relationship probably couldn’t work out in some way. This represents how they are loving towards their son and love him for who he is. 

     Given all the evidence, this only signifies the fact that this movie was a great representation of love, both family and in personal relationship. In conclusion, Call me by your Name was a really well done romance movie that people who enjoy accurate LGBTQ+ representation should be able enjoy.