Review: Winsor and Newton Cotman Water Color Sketchers Pocket box set


Tiffany Lomax, Guest Writer

The Winsor and Newton Cotman Water Colour sketchers pocket box set is a set of 12 watercolors that are individually wrapped and come in a small box. This set also comes with a small brush that fits in the box. This watercolor set is priced between $16.00 and $30.00. Although this product is decently priced this product is not for serious watercolor painters. This product is easy to carry around and good for a beginner who wants to travel with it, but it is not for a professional or someone who wants to keep painting. 

This product is easy to transport since the case is lightweight and easy to fit into your pocket. When I received the box in the mail I was happy with how small it was, which is as small as an iphone 6. When I took it out of the cardboard box and carried it to my table it was easy to carry in my hand and none of the water colors fell out. I continue to use it as I go back and forth from my grandma’s house to my house and it conveniently fits into my backpack as I go anywhere. Very useful for someone who paints at different places or who likes to travel with their watercolors.

There are only 12 colors and the colors picked are not a good variety to paint all types of things. As I started using the water color paints I noticed that there were only two types of greens: a very vibrant one and a light one. I also quickly noticed there was no purple or black. Without black it made it hard to even make a dark green or make a darker blue or purple. This made it hard to mix colors to get a specific color I wanted and to achieve the type of landscape that I wanted like a night sky or dark green grass. With the limited amount of colors in the box they could have picked a better variety of colors or include a black so we could mix to make colors darker.

This Winsor and Newton Cotman Water Colour set is great for someone who is looking for some good quality and travel size watercolors but not for someone who is becoming serious about painting with watercolors. The Winsor and Newton Cotman Water Colour sketchers pocket box set can be purchased online through Amazon or Blick Art Materials for $17.00 or in-store at Michaels for $29.99.