Review: iPad 7th Generation


Diego Rodriguez, Guest Writer

The new 7th Gen iPad is great. The new 10.2 screen is a great upgrade over the 6th Gen’s 9.7 screen, the speakers have released a small upgrade, nothing too big but definitely noticeable, and they’ve added Smart Connector support for use with Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

The display, while not laminated, looks great. It’s not as high resolution or as bright as the screen on the new 12.9 iPad Pro, but for you can use it for, it’s a great screen. Streaming movies and tv on the iPad looks super good. Although the screen isn’t laminated there isn’t that many issues with glare unless you’re streaming something in the car or if you’re outside. The speakers get decently loud but since they’re positioned on the bottom, holding the iPad sideways will muffle them unless you’re using a case that can prop it up. 

Another new thing that’s been added between the 6th and 7th Gen iPad is Apple Pencil and Smart Connector support. This is a big plus for people that want to join the Apple ecosystem but don’t necessarily have the funds to do so. The $329 starting price is also great for students or professionals who want a tablet to add to their workflow or want to replace their laptop altogether. Apple released their iPadOS software to move iPad into a more “laptop-like” experience adding bluetooth keyboard and mouse support. With Apple Pencil support, this new iPad could be great for people interested in digital art or for digital artists who may want something substantial to draw on but don’t want to shell out the $999 for the iPad Pro. While there are a variety of different styluses you could use in compatibility with the mass amounts of note-taking and drawing apps, there’s something about the Apple Pencil that just rises above all of them. The build quality is great and it has pressure sensitivity, something some styluses don’t have. Procreate, Photoshop, Notability, and GoodNotes all feel like you’re using a notebook but swipe out of the app and you have a fully powered tablet capable of everything you can throw at it. 

The 7th Gen iPad is fantastic. A great starter price, features only found on the higher end iPad Pros, a great screen, and Apple Pencil support, this iPad does everything you want it to do and a little bit more. For digital artists, students, and even grandparents who love watching movies this is the best option on the market.