Review: Trial By Media


Zoey McCarty, Editor

Trial by Media takes an adventurous travel into the past looking through the camera at actions in the front and center of the most infamous cases at the turn of the century. All the trials portrayed through the media are from accounts of those who lived and breathed them to tell the story about what really happened. 

   Number five on Netflix’s Top 10 most popular tv shows/movies right now, Trial by Media is an excellent true crime docuseries to watch because it brings the most infamous trials to life by the media that are heavily covered by the public. It also does a great job interviewing the people involved in each of the trials  about their experiences and what the media portrayed them be. In the true crime docuseries, one of the most infamous cases talked about former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich who was accused of corruption charges for mail and wire fraud back in 2008 and political bribes after former President Barack Obama’s vacant seat for U.S. senator was open. In depth interviews with people in his inner circle include his wife Patrica and the series covered the whole scandal and trial with charges that were pending on him.

        Trial by Media talked about many issues that plague the world especially the United States about the media circuit. For instance, each of the trials talked about these topics based on race, gender, and politics that connected for the episodes to explain in the storyline. It explained how media coverage has an influence tells a story for a reaction from the public about these cases. The docuseries provides an indepth look into the case of Bernard Goetz, who killed four black teenagers in 1984. The case is still politically relevant around the issue of racism. The media called him Subway Vigilante because Goetz claimed self-defense in his statement to the public. The twist and turns caused the media to make Subway Vigilante into a controversial tabloid trial.        

I definitely recommend Trial by Media to binge watch on Netflix. If you want scandal and drama to watch during this time Trial by Media is the perfect true crime show for you. To travel back in time to experience about how we portrayed the media to change a century forever. Watch Trial by Media on right now to binge watch with family and friends.