Tips on Staying Motivated in School Amid the Pandemic

Karla Castillo, Editor

It’s no lie that this school year has been one of the most challenging ones, having students make a full 360 along with many changes. One of the things that changed was school, students were used to a system where turning in an assignment meant doing it on paper but everything is remotely different. Every assignment used to be paper and  involved personally handing it to the teacher or having a project that had to specifically be done with a tri-fold poster. Here we are a year later and all assignments are online. 

 In the newly implemented hybrid schedules most schools across the country are doing,  including Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, we see mixed opinions on how schools should be handled from students, parents, teachers and administrators. Sadly, one of the most impacted groups from this new way of learning is of course, students.

Many stay at home and stare at the screen of a laptop from seven in the morning to three in the afternoon. They then start their homework for their various classes, followed by having to stare at it longer. This can be very stressful. Staring at a screen for seven hours, then staring at it for more in the afternoon, can cause stress and the loss of motivation towards trying in school, sometimes it can be very tiring, all you want to do is forget about the amount of homework you have and go take a nap.

The loss of motivation has been very common throughout the years, but this year seems to be the last water droplet  to overfill a cup. Because of this, these  four ideas came into perspective in hopes that it can help students stay motivated throughout the remainder of the semester. 

Stay Organized

Buying things like a planner, creating a to-do list, or simply setting a reminder on your phone can actually help you stay on track of what needs to be done. This way there is no need to try and figure out what has to be done on a certain day. Keeping track of due dates, exam dates, or a school event can help you not get lost within your own thoughts (this does tend to happen a lot between teenagers!) 

Create a Schedule That Is Unique To You

Sometimes when studying or doing homework you just want to take a break, this is totally okay to do. But taking that break can distract you from actually getting anything done, therefore be careful how you take these breaks. It is recommended that you establish a schedule that is unique to you, everyday can be different or the same schedule every week. For example, set a specific timestamp where you want to work on a specific subject like Algebra II. Say from 3 – 4 p.m. is your designated time for that class, now add 10 minute breaks in between and be very productive. There are other strategies that work perfectly too. It is all about finding the one that works the best for you. 

Set a Goal or Prize

Setting a goal or prize can actually help you stay on track of your school work. Let’s say you have been wanting something from a certain store for a while or a simple coffee from Starbucks, if you achieve your goal . Give yourself a certain time frame to accomplish what you need to get  done, if you meet that goal, you’re  able to go purchase whatever you want. For example, let’s say you want an  Iced Coffee from Starbucks but realize that $5 dollars for a coffee is quite expensive, so you just don’t want to go buy it. Make a deal within yourself like, “if I finish all my homework before 6 p.m.. this week, Ican treat myself to Starbucks.” Setting something you look forward to actually helps you get done with what you want!

Do Not Forget What You’re Doing This For

This last one may sound very cliche but reminding yourself the reason why you need to do good in school is always very helpful and important. Whether it’s making your parents proud or achieving the dream career you have always wanted. Remember that that will be your end goal, that is the reason you are fighting motivation, to be able to get where you want to be in 10 years from today. 

The lack of motivation on a daily basis can be a struggle for anyone especially a student in a pandemic. It’s okay to feel drained and like you can’t do this anymore, if you have tried and still feel unmotivated, Cypress Lakes has counselors you can reach out to.  Remember, you got this!