Biden’s Proposition for Climate Change


President Biden has released two executive orders and a Memorandum addressing climate change. A temporary prohibition of new oil and gas lease permits on federal lands and water. Apart from this President Biden has also established a temporary prohibition on leases in Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

“We’re thrilled President Biden is quickly honoring his pledge to stop new fossil fuel leasing of our federal lands and waters.”Kierán Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity said to CNBC. “The climate and wildlife extinction crises demand this kind of bold, urgent action.”

These moratoriums may impact certain parts of the American economy such as fossil fuel industries and domestic oil supply.

“Penalizing the oil and gas industry kills good-paying American jobs, hurts our already struggling economy, makes our country more reliant on foreign energy sources, and impacts those who rely on affordable and reliable energy,” said Anne Bradbury, president of the American Exploration and Production Council.

In order to enhance global action on climate change, President Biden has the intent to make these deals an international action. The order reasserts the United States willingness to address climate change with International partners. 

“We can’t wait any longer,″ President Biden said. ”We see with our own eyes. We know it in our bones. It is time to act.″

Climate change has forced migrants out of their homes, migrants lack protection under refugee laws since the “refugee” is thought to only help those escaping unfair government treatment and wars but completely excludes those who suffer from climate change. Droughts, wildfires, and extreme weather has displaced about 21.5 million people a year according to a Center for Strategic and International Studies. 

“Those of us who have been working in this space have been waiting for this kind of development—and at the highest levels—for years,” Maxine Burkett, a professor of international and climate change law at the University of Hawaii, Manoa said to Scientific America. 

Biden’s order strives to not only help stop climate change internationally but also to find a way to protect and resettle displaced migrants caused by extreme weather.