House of Representatives Approves COVID-19 Relief Fund

Zoey McCarty, Editor

The House of Representatives has passed President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief fund worth over $1.9 trillion. The relief fund can potentially help improve the United States economy and help those who were affected by the pandemic. 

The American Recuse Plan is a bill created under President Biden for the COVID-19 f

und passed in Congress within a 220-211 vote.There were two Democrats who voted against the bill and no Republicans didn’t vote for the bill. 

“It’s a great day for us to take a vote to reduce the spread of this virus … put vaccinations in the arms of the American people, money into the pockets, children into the schools, workers back into their jobs, so that we can go forward,” House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said before the vote. “I salute President Biden for his American Rescue Plan.” 

In the beginning, there were issues concerning Biden’s COVID relief bill between Republicans and Democrats in a deadlock vote until Madam Vice President Kamala Harris was the 51st vote for the bill still intact. 

“We will get to work immediately to deliver lifesaving resources springing from this bill as soon as it is passed and signed as we join President Biden. … in his promise that at last help is on the way,” Pelosi said. 

The White House and Democratic party announced the $1.9 trillion relief fund to be active and will be sent on Biden’s desk to be signed into law. This will help improve the US economy and provide security to the citizens after the COVID pandemic. 

“We need strong relief to get the economy going so it can continue on an upward path on its own,” Majority leader Chuck Schumer (D)  said during a press conference in front of the White House. 

The bill passed by the House would:

  • Provide Americans who are dependents on another’s person tax return and with another direct payment – this time for $1,400. (Republicans proposed $1,000).They will give more money in the checks for parents with kids under 17 $600 per child. 
  • Extend unemployment benefits through August (the current benefit ends in mid-March) and bump up the amount to $400 per week. (Republicans want $300 a week through June).
  • Send $350 billion to state and local governments whose revenue has declined because of COVID-19 social distancing measures (Republicans oppose any such “bailout”).
  • Allocate $130 billion to help fully reopen schools and colleges (Republicans countered with $50 billion).
  • Allot $30 billion to help renters and landlords weather economic losses (Republicans oppose any amount).
  • Set aside $50 billion for small-business assistance (Republicans agree).
  • Appropriate $160 billion for vaccine development, distribution and related needs (Republicans agree).

Congress passed the COVID relief fund into office and on March 10, President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion bill into law to provide aid for the United States to restore the economy. “Everything is not fixed. We have a long way to go. And that day when everything gets back to normal depends on all of us,” President Joe Biden said in a press conference. 

Biden believes the COVID-19 relief fund can help the lives of Americans and improve the economy after COVID pandemic started in early 2020 to stop the spread of coronavirus.  

“We have no time to waste. If we act now, decisively, quickly and boldly, we can finally get ahead of this virus, we can finally get our economy moving again,” Biden said.