Why have gas prices been so high lately

Abigail Cayetano

Gas prices at the pump (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The main topic on people’s minds: Ukraine and Russia. As of right now, tensions between Russia and Ukraine are very stiff. This thick water under the bridge is taking effect on gas prices. As people fight over
there, Americans are fighting here too. The exponential surge in the
cost of getting gas is taking a toll on families as they try to
provide for the household.
The prices have touched a national average of $3.42 per
gallon which is 12.3 cents per gallon higher than the price from
a month ago. To shed more light on the subject, this average is
about 97.5 cents per gallon higher than where it was a year ago.
For some time now gas prices have been steadily increasing
leading the nation down a spiral of stressful drivers, low
economically stable families, and hitting a 7 year higher price.
Currently, there is a lot of pressure on the oil industry as
the price per barrel of crude oil has increased to almost two
dollars more than the week before this particular recording.
Because of this drastic increase in prices, there can be a lot of
stressed-out drivers expected at gas stations as well as
The US will need to find another source of good crude oil
for reasonable prices in order to stabilize the economy and the
minds of drivers. This change can help increase the safety on the
road as well leading to a slight decrease in accidents happening.
Ukraine and Russia will have to do more to solve their issues
right now, or at the very least as soon as possible. For the
better of the people living in those countries as well as in
countries that purchase that crude oil. Understanding what makes
an effect on why there are peaks in prices can lead to less
stress as well. Hearing that a political issue across the world
is causing so many issues in our daily lives can be very