Fear for Ukraine, or all?


by Kasandra Cruz, Staff Reporter, Katy- Texas

On February 24, 2022, Russia started the invasion of Ukraine.
President Vladimir Putin felt as if Ukraine had
always been a constant threat. Many people have asked
what will happen if this keeps going on?
There are not many answers to these questions. As
the world keeps seeing Ukraine fall, it has had another
external effect, and it is price rise.
As people in the U.S. have been shopping around grocery stores,
they have seen a change in prices. Although there were only a few increased prices, it affected the economy strongly, causing fuel and marketing prices to be costly for people who cannot afford much.
” I need to start working harder and with concerns of all the changes.” Said Jim Allen, a Walgreens employee.
As the U.S. is worried about price changes. Canada has already
announced that they will try to restrict the Russian Central
Bank. It will stop Russia from stating its international
reserves to prevent undermining sanctions. These actions towards
Russia will make sure they have no contact with banks globally.
It will impact Russian banks to have no communication beyond
its borders.
Ukraine has been suffering many losses like homes, families, and jobs.
Ukrainians have been under Russia’s threat for too long.
Russians’ troops have no mercy over Ukrainian territory.
What else could go worse? It is time to call for justice over Ukraine and all of us.