The End of an Era

Leslie Jimenez

On September 8, 2022, the news that Queen Elizabeth had passed away struck the world. She held her last day in the Balmoral Castle at the age of 96. She was known as the great British Monarch and the longest living Queen to ever hold that title. Her Majesty left an impactful legacy all throughout the world as an inspiring woman.

The United Kingdom and many other countries felt the devastation of the news that was announced mid-day. There were still many great things to come and her legacy will live on through the rest of the royal family along with the commonwealth country.
The Queen’s death did not come as a surprise to the royal family as they were informed earlier of her alarming health. Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen was under medical supervision, but no one considered that her passing would come in the next hours.
Soon after, they announced her peaceful death. She was experiencing medical concerns which most likely led to her passing, but it is not clear what health issues she specifically had. Her natural passing was peaceful and she was surrounded by royal family members.

A Lasting Legacy

The Queen’s funeral was a major event because of the impact she had all over the world. She took over the throne at a young age unexpectedly and learned how to become a beloved monarch for England. Queen Elizabeth She achieved her Platinum Jubilee for serving 70 years on the throne. Even through all the tough decisions and obstacles over the years, she managed to deal with them in the best way possible. Her funeral was extravagant because of the love and honor people had for her. It started off at Westminster Abbey and then continued to Windsor Castle for two separate religious services. The Westminster Abbey service included 2,000 guests and the head of state from across the world. Next, a procession began which lasted 45 minutes, and traveled through the center of the city with the people taking part. Afterward, the service at Windsor Castle was private and intimate for the royal family and significant people in the Queen’s life.

Over the entity of her ruling, the Queen met many great leaders and people overall. She had her own impact on everyone, and they paid their respects in her honor on the day of the funeral. This included the royal family and leaders from other parts of the world. The monarchy had an important message to share throughout the procession in the funeral, which represented how they viewed the sorrowful circumstance and how everyone should view the future to come without the Queen.

According to The Washington Post, the monarchy states,” Nothing has ended, the monarchy’s ancient heritage lives on. The Royal family also stated that they are a united front facing the devastating event.” U.S. President Joe Biden and the First Lady, according to the White House, both stated, “We send our deepest condolences to the Royal family and the people of the United Kingdom… The Queen’s legacy will loom large in the pages of British history and the story of our world.”

A Global Affair

Several other people attended the Queen’s funeral such as global royalty members, current UK prime ministers, and many other world leaders. They all paid their respects to the Queen by attending her funeral. There were also many significant tributes included in the funeral that were important to the Queen and represented her life, including personal touches added by the royal family to her casket and a wreath of flowers that sat on top which included the same flowers that were in her wedding bouquet. It all signified important parts of her life.

People from all over the world and the nation of the United Kingdom united to honor the Queen’s legacy in one day. It was a day full of grief and sorrow, but all in the end, it showed the huge impact Queen Elizabeth had. Her effect throughout history will be remembered and continue to live with the rest of the commonwealth country.