Fall Fashion

Leslie Jimenez


Fashion is an important part in defining a time period, because it reflects the cultural influence it has on people at the time. With every season comes a change in wardrobes and new fashion trends. The clothing staples for fall fashion include a cardigan, coat, and a flannel. Having these three essentials in your closet basically sets you up for the fall season. These clothing items are always part of fall fashion every year.

First off, the cardigan traces back to the 1800s and is named after a British Military Commander. Then, The “coat” gained its popularity and iconic status when Burberry began selling the cardigan to war members. Lastly,, plaid has been the most in-demand essential for fall fashion. It originated in Scotland, and native men wore plaid to represent courage and strength These pieces all have a history that traces back to how they became iconic fall staples in our modern times.


As the fall season begins, the new setting trends start to arise. Many bring out their coats, flannels, and cardigans but also start to follow the new trends. This year leather jackets, boots, and oversized blazers are making a statement. As society and generations evolve, there has been a shift in what clothing items to buy and from where.

Now, vintage, thrift, and upcycled clothes are the main outlet to buy clothing pieces from. This is another fall fashion trend that is dominating over the world this year. Many people buy their leather jackets, boots, oversized blazers, and flannels from vintage or upcycled sellers now.


These new pieces of clothing have started trending due to the impact of social media and the celebrity influence on society now. Fashion Week starts at the beginning of September and continues into the start of October. Many fashion influencers and celebrities overall, take part in showing off new fall statements included in this year’s runaway. These articles of clothing and style then become a trend for all their viewers and really anyone with social media. With all the different apps there are now and the amount of people discovering new clothing trends every day, it’s usual for many to unfold a new fall staple piece every day.


All around the world people explore their sense of excitement for fall and the new style that comes with it. This year some of the biggest celebrities, such as the Hadid sisters, the Kardashian family, Timothee Chalamet, and many other influencers show off the start of the fall season with their plaid shirts, statement boots, leather jackets, and oversized blazers.

As the leaves start to change colors, we begin to feel the change in weather, and along with it comes the new autumn season for clothes.