Hoop for the best

NBA preseason is upon us – last season was very tough for many teams and players, especially with career-ending injuries. How will your team fare this season?

Xavier Gonzalez

Injured Players

The new and healthy Denver Nuggets team finally have their all-star point guard Jamal Murray back after being out because of an unfortunate injury. They could possibly have a chance in making the playoffs this year.

LiAngelo Ball

After stealing a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses in China made him ineligible to play college basketball, LiAngelo Ball had to work his way up the G-League (the NBA’s minor basketball league). The NBA kept its eyes on him, and although it took several years, he finally got drafted to the Charlotte Hornets, conveniently where his younger brother LaMelo Ball was also drafted. Only time will tell how well the two brothers will pair up this year for their team.

New Players

Rudy Gobert is in a new city and team – the Minnesota Timberwolves – and he also has some adjusting to do with his new team, especially when they have another starting center. We possibly might be seeing his minutes lowered this season. John Wall is a new member of the Los Angeles Clippers and coming off an injury, so there’s a lot of talk going around debating on if he will be the same Wall we remember. If so, the Clippers possibly might see a chip in their future. Lastly, Donovan Mitchell was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fans are all wondering and asking the same question: “Is he the right fit for the team?” This season we will see all our questions be answered.