The Other Side

Adrian Espinoza

“I felt like I was falling, you can’t hear anything, and can’t see anything, only feel the  sensation of falling forever in a deep black hole.”

Dain Abeleda, senior, spent a significant portion of his junior year in the hospital. An illness that began as something small very nearly took his life.

“It all started in February 2017, I was  really sick and told my parents. They told me I would get better if I drink more water,” Abeleda said.

 After no improvement and seeing the condition Abeleda was in they took the serious matter to the hospital.

“That day they took me to the emergency room, the doctors there said they really couldn’t do anything about me being sick. I was sent home and in under a week my temperature would be so high that I would physically pass out and wake up,” Abeleda said.

After his temperature continued to rise and fall, Abeleda was sent back to the hospital for a longer duration. He was well enough to feel boredom and miss his school friends.

“In the beginning when I was sick, I really wanted to get better,wanted to be outside with friends, and surprisingly I wanted to go to school,” Abeleda said.

However, as his illness progressed, his mindset changed to darker thoughts.

“Later down the line the sicker I got the more I asked myself when this was going to stop, and eventually it was ‘can I just die already?’ After a while I just accepted the fact that I’m going to be sick and that I have to wait for this to be over,”Abeleda  said.

Waiting for death is something that no teenager should be faced with but it was something Abeleda knew he would have to.

“The doctors told me that I had died twice while in the hospital that I had to be defibrillated and resuscitated both times in order to bring me back alive,” Abeleda said.

After going through so much pain and losing hope, the battle had ended and he began to rethink what life was to him. Abeleda soon felt better than ever and being able to go home was such a big relief for him.

“After I was able to go home and was feeling so much happier to be able to walk around, in the hospital room you can only walk 15 feet if that, and being able to get out of the hospital and go home was such a big relief for me. Since then my experience has definitely humbled me and made me appreciate everything in my life so much more,” Abeleda said.

Life is too precious to be messing around with and it takes serious matters for a person to realize that, Abeleda sure did.