Art Class Honors Principal with Mosaic Portrait


The Legacy Staff

In honor of Staff Appreciation week, Adriana Marin’s advanced art class presented principal Sarah Harty with a mosaic portrait they created as a class project. Each member of the class was given a small “puzzle piece” of the project that they were responsible for painting. Then the class had to figure out how the pieces went together. Marin came up with the idea months ago while attempting to come up with a project that would encourage her students to work as a team.

“We’ve actually done a project like this before but it was shapes, not color. So they already had a basic concept and an idea of how to do it,” Marin said.

The project wasn’t just busy work for the art students. They were practicing skills that they needed to master if they intended on continuing into the more advanced art classes.

“It’s a really good practice of (color) values and techniques. That way they can focus on shapes and whatever lines they are doing and then be really good at enlarging it,” Marin said.

Unsurprisingly, the most difficult part for the majority of the students was the new technique they were learning. Each piece of the puzzle had a color value assigned to it and the students had to mix paints to match each other’s pieces.

“The hardest thing I would have to say was getting the tones (right) because it is very easy for it to go south very fast, but I liked being able to learn how create different value scales of red, because it wasn’t as easy as you’d think because you have to use different shades of black and white to match her skin color,” Ashley Brizuela, junior, said.

Marin purposely kept the end result a secret so that the students were kept in suspense. They were only allowed to examine and complete their piece and no one else’s so they only got to view a small microcosm of the final product.

“This project had me wondering the whole time because we did not know what the end result was going to be,” Martin Arrellano, junior, said.

The students all agree that their favorite part of participating in this project was honoring their principal.

“Ms. Hardy’s reaction was really cute, I could tell she was really happy and she loved what we made. Her reaction made me feel great about what we did,” Baohan Tran, junior, said.

In the end, the students gave their principal a one-of-a-kind keepsake to show her how much they appreciate everything that she does.

“I’ve never had a portrait before. This is so cool!” Ms. Harty said.

**In addition to honoring Sarah Harty, the art classes also honored associate principal Hoang Pham and assistant principal Jay Janca**